Kevin Costner Takes on the Wild West in New Docuseries

Kevin Costner loves the West and plays John Dutton on ‘Yellowstone’. He will host and produce a new show about the ‘Wild West’ on the History Channel. Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin will help him.

A new eight-episode show on A&E will tell the real story of the American frontier. It will show different characters and stories from that time. Kevin Costner is the perfect person to host the show.

Kevin Costner has made a lot of cowboy shows and movies even though ‘Yellowstone’ might end after season 5. He hosted a show about Yellowstone Park and is making a four-movie Western called ‘Horizon’. He loves the West and has a ranch in Colorado where he got married in 2004.

The new show is special for Kevin Costner because he is returning to the History Channel. He was on the channel before with ‘Hatfields & McCoys’. He likes these kinds of stories.

Kevin Costner loves history and the stories of the West. He wants to show the people and their stories in a new way. He is excited to work with Doris Goodwin and she is excited to work with him.

Doris Goodwin said that Kevin Costner is one of the best storytellers of the American West.

The new show will tell the real story of the West. It will show different characters and use history and interviews with experts. It will talk about the people who changed the West and the battles that happened.

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